Fife of the Crown Forces

Created to exact specifications and needs

A true masterpiece of musical craftsmanship.

Previously available by special order only, the Fife of the Crown Forces, 1812 is now available on-line. Several years ago, the Crown Forces 1812 was seeking a fife suitable for their time period and contacted Peeler Fifes. After collaboration and research, the Fife of the Crown Forces 1812 was created to their exact specifications and needs. While not a “true” historical reproduction, the fife encompasses many accuracies from that time period; ferrules, body style, fingering holes. It can easily represent a fife from that era.

The Fife of the Crown 1812 is available only in the key of “C” in both Grenadilla (African Blackwood) and Mopane and comes standard with 1.20″ (30.50 mm) long tapered brass ferrules.