The Peeler Resin Fife

The perfect fife to stand out at your next event.

This is no “pipe” instrument.

Made with the same care and exacting standards you’re used to in a Peeler product, these are not “pipe” instruments. They are each individually turned, drilled and fitted from solid blocks of resin. With bright swirls of color each fife is as unique as a piece of burled hardwood.

Choose from a wide variety of colors to suit your mood and temperament:
Blue Hawaii ( Blue with white swirls)
Lava ( Red With Black)
Cobalt (Dark Blue with white swirls)
Yellow Rose (Bright yellow with Black swirls)
Smoke (Gray with white swirls)
Midnight ( Black with While marbling)
Red Sea ( Red and Blue Mixed)
Eye of the Tiger (orange and black)
Comet. (Black with yellow swirls)
Black (Solid Black. The all weather fife)
Ranger Green (Green with black swirls)
Barney (Purple with white Marbling)
Connecticut Blue ( a Lighter Blue with white marbling)

Caution: These instruments should not be played while driving! They will cause serious distractions for approaching drivers!